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Monday, May 17, 2010

Stay Out! Hospitals partner with Blues to lower readmissions

This week, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan announced 15 physician organizations and hospitals across the state that will be collaborating with the Blues to reduce the incidence of preventable ER visits and preventable readmissions to the hospital.

A preventable readmission is when a patient is readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged, for the same diagnosis or a complication of that diagnosis, which could have been prevented with proper care management and coordination.

Lowering the readmission rates will have a positive impact on thousands of Michigan lives.  Not only will it improve safety, but it will save costs.  In 2008, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan spent $75 million on preventable readmissions – roughly $11,490 for each patient whose readmission could have been prevented.

This 15-site initiative is a long-term effort that will improve communication and coordination among hospital-based physicians and nurses and doctors in private practice.  The participating hospitals and physician organizations will share their learnings with each other, in a collective effort to improve patient safety and clinical quality.

This kind of collaboration is the heart of what we call our Value Partnershipsa collection of initiatives that focus in improving health care quality and safety for Michigan residents.  It’s how the Blues are working to lead Michigan to a healthier future.

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